The Valentine Paradox

Before everyone starts getting judgmental, a brief moment of truth- I am not anti-relationships, or someone struck by the harsh arrow of one sided love, or someone with tragic timing issues- just someone with an opinion, which fortunately or unfortunately may not be the same as you dear readers(I’d like to maintain the optimism and keep the latter in plurality)!

Fourteenth February, a day infamously called Valentine’s day. A day which to me is just another Tuesday in the calendar of monotony. Lovers all around the world cherish this day as a joyous occasion with bouquets of red roses and carnations. Why just today? Why do we need one day out of the 365  to define our love for somebody or to renew the terms and conditions of the so called relationship agreement. Why is it that only on one day, all the lover spats are concealed and romance brims through the course of twenty four hours? Why is everyone queuing up at the cinemas for the sequel of 50 shades of grey, and why  is Pandora suddenly bustling with a stream of young boys trying to select the best rock?

My question to you isn’t about the sweet gestures of love, my question concerns the day.

Just a food for thought perhaps, I come from a democratic nation, so freedom of opinion is completely justified.

In my opinion, love isn’t a feeling that should be bound by a certain day. I don’t believe in the concept of strengthening the pillars of love on a particular day in order to compete with all the other couples out there. Who got the brighter diamond, or the cuter teddy? It is not a competition! Why does the expression of love have to materialized? Why can’t we live everyday out of respect for Saint Valentine, the man who sacrificed himself for love. Yes, that’s an expression, a selfless expression- No expectation , no demands!

Why can’t we spend each day like we spend today? Why the jazz, why the spaz, why the ceremonies, why the formalities? Where is the good old simplicity? Why do we now need material objects instead of smiles? Why do we need a partner to be happy? Why do we need a day to remind the other that we love them?

To all the people out there, single or committed, live each day like you’d live your ideal Valentine’s day. Spread the love, spread the joy. Cherish what you have- friends, family, lover. If you don’t have the latter, trust me its not the end of the world. Don’t let this day bring you down, or make you low. Valentine’s Day is a subtle reminder to each one of us that we have someone in our lives who cares for us unconditionally, and even if that certain somebody is your best friend, or your parents, or your siblings or your dearest pet. They’re all your valentines. You’re not alone in this  big big world, every body has someone, you just got to open your eyes, put on those glasses of positivity and I promise you’ll see the world differently. You’re never alone-Solitude can be your best companion too, you just need to embrace it.

Sending love to everyone out there,


The Capricorn with a twist.




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